I Hate The “Man Of Steel” Version Of Jonathan Kent

Where do I begin?

Okay. Got it.

I think that if you add some color to this movie, then it would be the most beautifully realized comic book film ever made. I mean – has anyone ever asked Zack Snyder why all of his films look like they’re covered in a thick layer of rust? I don’t get it.

Check this out:


The difference is staggering. If colored properly, this would’ve been a great Superman film – except for Jonathan Kent. I don’t understand this version of Clark Kent’s dad. That dude is a piece of crap. He finds out that Clark saved a bus full of children, and pretty much responds with, “why?”

As in, why would you do that, and shine a light on yourself? They’ll find out what you are, and they’ll take you away from me.

I understand that reasoning, but it doesn’t fly for Jonathan Kent. By the time Clark saves that bus of kids, he’s in his teenage years. That’s more than enough time for Jonathan to have adjusted to the idea of Clark leaving him. He’s been raising a God!! Logically, what could he possibly have thought was going to happen? Did he really intend on keeping him on the farm for his entire life?

And don’t even get me started on Jonathan’s death scene. It’s so stupid. My biggest problem with it, is that Clark could have lightly jogged over, grabbed the stupid dog, and then lightly jogged back – all in less time than it took for Jonathan to be a useless old man, and die. He didn’t need his super powers for that. Or is this version of Clark the kind of dude who uses his super powers to do everything besides walk?

I said don’t get me started! I have to focus.

Jonathan and Martha Kent are my two favorite characters in the entirety of comics. They find a God in a corn field, and they raise him to be a superhero. Jor-el is too busy being dead to be any sort of influence on Clark. It’s all about the Kent’s. The entire DC Universe has them to thank. They selflessly raised that kid to do nothing but good. To be a source of hope.

Then Russell Crowe comes in and hogs up all the credit? In the eloquent words of Stone Cold Steve Austin, “UH-UH.” That dude was a pansy-ass martyr, and that’s what he wanted to be. He couldn’t build a ship big enough for his entire family to flee on? Kryptonians have always been sold as a super advanced race. Hell, in, “Man Of Steel,” Jor-El is shown to be everything from a baller ass scientist, to a fierce, deadly warrior.

Yet, he didn’t have the time to make sure he could go with his kid, and take care of him? Weak. That is some straight weak sauce. Living on through crystals, and artificial intelligence – that’s way easier than actually living.

Jor-El is a coward.

Jonathan Kent is the real father of Superman. That’s why I hate the, “Man Of Steel,” version of him. That dude wanted Clark to spend his whole life milking cows – or shucking corn – or other farm-related tasks.

If that happened, we wouldn’t have gotten this:

P.S. This is not a reflection on Kevin Costner’s performance. That man was perfectly cast as Jonathan Kent. My issue is with the writing. That’s why I took the time to write this angry rant.

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