Destiny Welcomes Eververse Trading Co.

In an expected move by developer Bungie, Destiny now includes microtransactions. The new currency known as silver, acquired by using real world money, allows users to purchase new emotes through the “Eververse Trading Company.” Head on to the tower, and talk to Tess Everis, who is happily awaiting your patronage.

If you’ve been playing the game already, you’ll find 400 silver pieces in your inventory. The newly attained currency will not let you purchase “Legendary” emotes from Tess Everis. You’ll need to spend five real world dollars to afford the most elite of character movements. Tess does offer refunds if you buy something you don’t like, but not without caveats.

Players can return up to thirty things within fifteen minutes of original silver purchases.

After examining the photo above, you’ll realize much like I did, that there are currently only eighteen items to buy. The return policy however, allows up to thirty refunds to take place, should you have buyers remorse. It becomes clear that Bungie has zero intention on letting up on the premium purchase plans for the foreseeable future by putting a policy in place allowing for the tower’s economic longevity.

I’ve only noticed people using “The Carlton,” a Fresh Prince throwback, and have to admit, I’d love access to the emote. I suppose the golden age of unlocking things through gameplay truly is coming to an end, especially for online-only games.

Check out the video below for an emote sampler.

For a full list of this week’s hotfixes, visit the source.

Did you utilize Eververse?