Steam Greenlight Game Could Cause Bankruptcy

There are some people who enjoy simple entertainment containing sheer minimalism. Some of those people share interest in aeronautics. If you find yourself in both camps, then you’ll find this Steam Greenlight game fascinating.

Andrew Garrison and a tiny team put their passions to the test developing a plane simulator appropriately titled Simple Planes. Forget AAA graphics or speaker melting audio effects. All someone really needs is a decent mobile device or a capable personal computer to run Andrew’s game.

Simple Planes is designed with strong focus on start and play. Andrew and his dedicated crew continue to update their simple game at no cost to the consumer. They even hired a “British voice actor” for good measure. That should make you smile.

Also, all the blood, sweat and tears may result in bankruptcy for him and his team, which isn’t good for the overall economy and so on.

The appeal might be lacking for most, but one taste probably can’t hurt. You might even like it.

You can purchase the game for several platforms by navigating here. If you purchase the PC version, you will receive a free STEAM version upon official release.