Kojima’s New Studio & New Success

Every once and a while our very own Walter Winchester spews an opinion that is wildly unpopular. The few times he’s contributed people have gotten irked. I can’t blame them.

Just a few hours ago Mr. Kojima and Sony mentioned a timed exclusive partnership with Kojima’s new studio. That’s wonderful news. While Walter may disagree and thinks it’s detrimental to the industry we cherish, I offer a different point of view.

Here is the video that started it all.

Walter makes a valid argument. To paraphrase, he doesn’t like that Kojima, a big time player is teaming up with a company for his own monetary benefit. While I can respect that, I can’t fully believe that. Sorry buddy.

Kojima just ended a contract with a company that left him behind. It would be a joke to claim that tensions weren’t high. The turmoil inside that brand led to a mutual agreement that Mr. Kojima would bounce and form his own company. It’s not like the legend has all the money in the world though. It would be, to quote our own Walter, “thunderously stupid” for him to throw his own money at a multi million dollar project. There are “rules” in place for things like that. Plus, he’s got to put food on his own table.

I believe at some point Walter mentions free market. I’m all for free market, as I really believe that’s how everyone can strive. Kojima clearly thinks along the same lines. Get people behind you that have the dough and they will help fund your projects. Hire people onto the funded project and you just created a crap load of jobs. Much respect to him for that.

Every time a big cheese like Sony, Microsoft, or any company for the matter gets involved, it’s good if not great for business. Exclusivity, while definitely annoying in some regard, is important in encouraging developers to compete and strive only to create video games of the utmost quality. Without it, we might end up with the same platformer over and over again.

To say Kojima doesn’t care is like saying Mother Teresa hated children. It doesn’t make sense. It sort of sounds vile out loud. Go ahead and read that aloud to yourself. Did you notice the paint off the walls melt a bit? How about that dog barking? It’s not cool.

Kojima fought and fights for his own right to create while delivering important messages and themes both in daily routine and in the very games he puts out.

Whether he and his company chose Sony, Microsoft, or Banana Republic to publish his next masterpiece isn’t in our control, and it shouldn’t be. His business, and business in general isn’t a democracy. He has the right to produce his own art and we have our own minds to make at the end of the day.  I obviously cannot speak for the quality of his next game, but if his burning desires and passions seep into the code, then that’s all I’ll care about.

Finally, I don’t think Walter was campaigning for Microsoft, no matter how differently I think of the situation. To me, he’s explaining why exclusivity can keep games from progressing. To be very clear, I think it empowers many people and gives everyone a chance to create something they otherwise might not have been able to, Kojima included.

Sometimes I wish people would look at other media outlets. Take film for example. Christopher Nolan isn’t bound to Warner Bros, but he had a contract that said he had to make “x” amount of Batman films. He was, believe it or not, allowed to create other films in between projects. Kojima isn’t any different.