Apparently Call of Duty WWII Qualifies As RPG

First person shooters have definitely acquired role playing game traits over the years. With the ability to rank up, level up, and obtain varying scores in both campaign and multiplayer modes by way of enemy elimination, FPS’ have unarguably adopted characteristics of role playing games. But, is Call of Duty WWII a straight up RPG?

No! Of course not! Don’t be silly!

Call of Duty, while having some RPG elements is by no means a “role playing game.” Maybe there’s some argument that qualifies it…

No. Just no. It’s not an RPG. So why does Sony seem to claim otherwise, as pictured below?

In all reality, this is probably not a mistake. Sony might have taken note that games like COD have elements of RPGs mentioned above and because of said reasons, gamers should expect the blurring of lines in genres while buying software very soon.

In some regard, it’s business savvy. It’s a powerful way to get some gamers to broaden horizons. Not every Final Fantasy fan is about to pre-order the next Call of Duty, but those willing to try something different without the hazardous internet forums blocking their view may find out they like different types of games, even if just for the elements they’re accustomed to.

This all begs the question however, what is happening to genre in video games? Fire off in the comments below.

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