The Halo Community Is In For A Surprise

Installation 01 is a Halo game that’s been in production for years. It’s not made by Bungie, nor is it sanctioned by 343i or Microsoft.

Installation 01 is a fan game created by dedicated fans of Halo 3, which many fans of the Halo series claim to be the best. I subjectively agree. I won’t make you read more of my text though. Check out the new cinematic trailer below, which actually captures and expands the Halo universe as fans understand it.

Are you done? Of course not. You want more. You need it!

Calm down. There’s more information about the upcoming free software below.

Installation 01 has been much anticipated. Bringing Halo back to its professional roots, or legacy roots depending on how you frame it, will make people happy, but I wonder how those people will enjoy the retro feel before getting bored of it.

I don’t know what the answer is. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m letting nostalgia cloud by judgement or if a more coherent Halo game like the one we’re talking about is what will bring the franchise back to its glory days.

I wish the fans behind this project much success and I can’t wait to try, even if it is a disaster.

I pray that it’s not.