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Today, we are ranking the top five video games featuring characters from DC Comics. Or, as the list should really be known: Top 3 Batman Games (and Some Other Stuff). The Caped Crusader has undoubtedly been the hero DC needed for their games. Their mythical heroes have appeared in countless forms, including on fun-mode video games for kids and on real money video games for adults. To say they have been heavily licensed is an understatement.

Yet, if you were to ask anyone, they’re going to point to the Arkham series, not “Justice League: Heroes.” Man, that game was weak, even with Ron Perlman voicing Batman. Going back a little further, people might point to “Batman: Vengeance” or “Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu.”

By people, I mean me (SPOILER ALERT).



batman, dc comics

This game was fantastic. It had very simple, fun gameplay. It’s a beat ‘em up, nothing revolutionary. The real prize was in the co-op mode and the assortment of characters you could pick from (Batman, Robin, Nightwing, and Batgirl). Oh, and of course, let’s not forget it’s Batman from the classic animated series. So, you get Kevin Conroy’s silky smooth Bat-voice in your ear.

Underrated element: it had the balls to try to introduce a new character in that of Sin Tzu, created by Jim Lee. It didn’t catch on and he’s never been seen again, but you have to respect the effort.



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Yeah, that’s right, I’m hitting you with a curveball. Didn’t see this one coming at all, did you? I fully understand if you disagree with the choice, but here’s why you’re wrong: you got to play as SUPERMAN! Don’t be so jaded. You could fly around a large map, whip cars at whatever you want, pick the Daily Planet globe up off the roof. It was incredibly fun to explore that world as the red and blue boyscout.

I will admit that if you progressed far enough in the game, the exploration element got rough. Those stupid ice and fire dragons (yes, dragons). If you moved even a little bit, they popped up, and wouldn’t go away. It certainly had drawbacks, but I’m including it because I personally loved the gameplay when it came to being Superman. The cape movement, flying up to the sun to regain strength quicker, all cool.



dc comics, batman, superman

This game was excellent. The combat is fun, as always. It’s up there with any mortal combat game. If you like button mashing and beating people up, this is the game for you. However, if you like your games with some story, this is STILL the one you’re looking for. It all begins when Joker finally causes Superman to snap. He kills the Clown Prince of Crime and takes over the world.

I won’t say anymore, because those who don’t know should find out on their own, and those who do don’t need a refresher. It’s so good, I never actually played the game all the way through, I watched it like a movie on YouTube. If you enjoy DC, you’ll love this.



batman, dc comics, superman

You get to play as Kevin Conroy’s Batman and take on Mark Hamill’s Joker?

Say no more.




This had to count as one, right? If it doesn’t, all three of the main games would take up spots 1-3 on this list. None of those weak prequels, though. “Arkham: Oirigns” was whack, but Asylum, City, and Knight were all top notch, as far as I’m concerned. They’ve created calls for the same company to develop games for Superman, or Flash, or Green Lantern, or any DC characters. Let someone else get some shine, DC, jeez.

Sorry, back on topic. These games are incredible. The gameplay is all a blast, especially the fighting, where you absolutely brutalize nameless hoodlums. Batman throws a lot of crazy powerful roundhouse kicks in the game, and he’s rocking huge combat boots. They would decimate normal human beings. The hospital bills and debt created by The Caped Crusader must be through the roof in this world.

Again, you get to play as Kevin Conroy’s Batman. Mark Hamill is all over the series as The Joker. IT’s filled with fantastic Easter eggs to the whole history of The Dark Knight. Everything about the three main Arkham games is fun.

Here’s hoping DC finds a way to spread a little bit of that magic to their other characters.