Shawn “The Show Stopper” Nash Starts Twitter After Controversial End To Saturday’s Show

I wasn’t there but reports have come in about the end of Pro Wrestling Magic’s show on Saturday night, which saw Shawn “The Show Stopper” Nash get screwed out of his PWM Heavyweight Championship. His opponent Dave Orton locked him in a submission and that’s when Magic’s owner Eric Gagne hit the ring and demanded that the timekeeper rang the bell. It was a scene eerily reminiscent of Survivor Series 1997.

Eric Gagne gave the title to Orton and had him leave the arena post haste. Gagne took all the heat from the fans, who apparently booed voraciously and chanted “You screwed Shawn.” The PWM owner then grabbed the microphone and cut a long promo on Nash, ripping into him and calling him ungrateful for all that Gagne and his promotion have done for Nash. Many have been calling what they saw a work, as usual. As of now, I’m torn.

The show ended with Nash punching Gagne out. From all reports, it was no worked shot. Nash knocked Gagne on his ass for real. However, fans are very smart to the business nowadays, and most workers know they have to lay in their shots to make the crowd believe.

I suppose we’ll find out in time, but Nash’s Twitter paints a picture of someone who has been genuinely betrayed. If he returns to PWM anytime soon, we’ll know this was all bogus. If he doesn’t, he’ll be missed. Nash brought a real flair and charisma that’s been unmatched as of late.

To stay up with this story, head over to Nash’s Twitter, linked below:

NOTE: The preceding article was a fictional project for my (Joseph Finnegan) time at Full Sail University. Shane Fair was nice enough to film a monologue for me and I can’t thank him enough. If you found this piece, I hope you enjoyed a look into this little world inside my head.