Timy to raise their hands, Referees and the Hall Of Fame.

After watching Payback and more importantly seeing Charles Robinson’s excellent bump over the top rope after the ring collapsed it got me thinking to why in the year 2020 there isn’t any referees in the wwe hall of fame. Teddy Long is in the hall of fame but not exactly for the part he played as a referee.

Referees majority of the time do control the fun whilst being a very integral part of a wrestling match. That is done in certain ways whether it be getting important details to the wrestlers working from gorilla position, reporting legit injuries to the back or being able to control the speed and flow of a wrestling match

Sometimes it’s a great strength for a referee when you don’t tend to notice who the referee is. From a fans point of view,majority of the time it won’t take you out of the enjoyment of the match but on the other hand it might do if its obvious that the referee is concentrating on count the spots. That being said some referees are very memorable that do always stick in your mind for good reasons. That might be the way they count the pinfall/ten count or the way they come across on TV but a good handful of them have played a major part of a storyline throughout the year.

The hall of fame is probably one of the most controversial topics within the internet wrestling community regarding fans that express their opinion of who are deserving or undeserving of a hall of fame induction,however I have two referees who have well and truly earned that hall of fame ring.

Firstly despite the way he was released and with WWE making amends with former talent before inducting them, Earl Hebner should be the first name on the referee wing of the hall of fame. Hebner is certainly the most well-known referee to step in a professional wrestling ring. During his illustrious career Hebner’s memorable moments include his so called wrestling match at the invasion ppv in 2001 as well standing up to Triple H at the beginning of the Mcmahon-Helmsley era & with playing a major role in one of if not the controversial moment in wrestling with the montreal screw job in 1997.

With thirty-one years of service to WWE, Mike Chioda would be the next name for the referee section of the hall of fame. Probably one of those referee that has gone under the radar over the years however he has officiated a some of the biggest matches such as HBK/Austin at wrestlemania 14, Rock/Hogan at wrestlemania 18 as well as being the referee for the Brock/Big Show match on smackdown where the ring collapsed. You can probably count on one hand who have been in this line of work for length of time but surely that does merit a hall of fame induction.

Referees are the unsung heroes of the wrestling business,they’ve paid their do’s over the year and are really underappreciated as a whole and its about time they get their hand raises for once and get a well warranted section of the wwe hall of fame.

Antony Fitzpatrick