ALBUM REVIEW: “Self-Titled” by The Straddlerz

We are going in on music today. Something has us up and amped and ready to cover some tunes. This won’t even be the last piece that publishes today, in fact. We’ve got another album review coming up after this. For now, we’re looking at a “Self-Titled” album by a very loud, very fun female fronted hard rock duo called THE STRADDLERZ.

This group really is so fun. They kick some pretty hard rock with heavy swagger but it’s never overbearing. It gets your energy up, instead of making you wish someone would turn it down. This does not bring to mind Joe Mantegna in “Airheads” when he said, “if it’s too loud, you’re old.”

Crank THE STRADDLERZ up all the way and get hyped. You’re going to rock out with them in no time and go along for the ride that is this album. Before we get there, however, let’s get some background.


Twas July 17th, 2018 when a friend of theirs booked them a gig in NY. Regardless of their nameless status they headed towards the show zigzaggin’ down the Bowery. As they straddled closer to the venue, the name stumbled out of their mouths just in time, they were to be called The Straddlerz. Hailing from their respective countries Italy and Argentina, Linda and Michael formed the band out of a mutual appreciation for fun, loud, dirty hard rock and their relatable frustrations with the world around them.

During these chaotic years the band has moved around both in lineups and locations eventually setting up camp in Italy where they’ll prepare a sonic attack to support their debut album out January 2021.


Charging forward whilst looking back musically, this female fronted cacophony was inspired by the rawness of the past and influenced by present day sensibilities.


(1) No Changes  (2) Streets of Love  (3) Addiction  (4) Circle of Insanity  (5) Open Your Eyes  (6) Don’t Go Away  (7) I’m Alive  (8) Without You  (9) Junkie Bastard

This album officially releases wide on January 29th. The album was produced & mixed by Lase Salgado and mastered by Steve Corrao, with album artwork by Giulia Pattarozzi. It’s not a long listen. It doesn’t overstay it’s welcome at all. I threw it on, fell into the music, rocked out, and it was over before I knew it.

THE STRADDLERZ bring to mind all the best qualities of your favorite hard rock bands. They almost come off like they could have crushed it in the 80s in the best possible way. They would have stood toe to toe with all the metal bands of the day. This is fast paced rock that doesn’t mind being fun.

Wasn’t that a blast? It’s hard not to get caught up in the music and rock out. This is one of the tighter albums I’ve been able to review here on The music all slaps so damn hard. If I didn’t have a metal cage in my neck holding it together, I would’ve been head banging like crazy over here.

Every track is a jam. 1-9. My personal favorite song of the bunch is the 6th track: “Don’t Go Away.” I love when a song successfully changes up the flow of an album. That track starts out slow and almost eerie, then progressively rocks harder and harder. It was a nice change of pace to all the fast, fun, hard rock. “Don’t Go Away” is haunting.

It’s the kind of song you’d hear on your favorite show’s season finale. You know, when everything is going bad, and there’s a montage depicting the main character spiraling out. Basically every season on “Californication.”

“Don’t Go Away” definitely could have played while Hank Moody got arrested, or Karen left to New York, or one of the many other things that happened to blow up Hank’s life on that show.

“I’m Alive” brings you right back up with the fast pace and hard rock. Like I said before, this is a tight, well-paced album. If you’re looking to rock the hell out, you need to be on watch for this album.


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