ALBUM REVIEW: “Undo Influence” by Ryan Summers

We’re back with our final piece of music coverage for the day. Just the day, not forever. I’m personally enjoying covering music. It helps that the last few pieces were done to cover some pretty excellent music. Countless Thousands, EllaHarp, & The Straddlerz are three of my new favorite artists after discovering their work.

Ryan Summers has definitely grabbed my attention, as well, with his work here on “Undo Influence.” I’ve never felt as personal a touch on music as I did here with this album. To give you some idea, it’s about the artist’s actual experiences with cults and his deprogramming. That’s an insanely heavy subject to cover and this album does it wonderfully, because it’s real.

This was a real life lived by Ryan Summers. When you press play on “Undo Influence,” you feel that. Through and through. You can’t help but feel how real it all is. The electronic elements of the music create this psychedelic trance effect that pulls you deep into it.

That’s how I felt, at least. The intensely personal nature of this album seems palpable to me and the album became must listen because of it.

“Undo Influence” by Ryan Summers


“My experiences deprogramming from an internet cult about a decade ago is the central theme of Undo Influence. The songwriting highlights what cult experts call ‘floating’, a phenomenon whereby an ex-member is caught between their original pre-cult identity and a second persona developed as a coping response to the cult environment. It’s like slow-motion schizophrenia where you don’t know what to believe, but the emotions are enormous. Seeing all the weird cult shit going on this year with this QAnon group, I figured I would relay some of my own experiences.”

This album seems even more fitting, in the wake of what happened on January 6th. We saw the toll a cult leader can take on people, what that leader can unlock in those people. The entire subject is a fascinating look into the human mind. What makes someone vulnerable to a cult leader? And how does one get away? How do you deprogram?

How does one change beliefs so tightly held, they would kill for them? That can’t be a thing that happens overnight. I would guess it’s on the person and the incident that opened their eyes. Every cult has stories of members who saw the light and fled. How did they get there?

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of those questions…

That’s all at the heart of this fantastic album. It’s a tremendously interesting look into cults and the toll they take, while also somehow being a straight up jam from beginning to end. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t going to be playing in a club any time soon.

But spark up and listen? You’ll vibe through this whole album and you’ll love it. You’ll probably even have one of those deep conversations you only seem to have with your buddies when you’re blazed.

“Undo Influence” by Ryan Summers is a psychedelic blast of an album that offers a truly fascinating look into the world of cults. More timely than it should be, this is a true piece of art. Press play and enjoy.

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Ryan Summers is a Wisconsin-based, multi-genre audio production artist and an electronic performer. He’s received critical acclaim for his electronic work, being called “an electronic artist to watch” by Sputnik Music. His performances feature live looping of keyboard, synth, guitar, and voice. His latest release,¬†Undo Influence, is a cult-themed musical journey featuring his versatility as a producer with styles ranging from progressive electronic to caustic industrial, along with more accessible chamber pop sounds.