NERDO DOES MUSIC: “Mirror” by Nonviolenze (Ahimsa Creations LLC)

Welcome back to NERDO DOES MUSIC, an ongoing column here on This has been a welcome respite for me. I have been writing about wrestling, or movies and television for years. It’s always nice to change things up. Today, we continue in that spirit with a music video. The song is called “Mirror” by Nonviolenze, the solo musical moniker of Houston, TX singer songwriter Shri Baratan.

Nonviolenze is a trademark of Ahimsa Creations, a music production corporation that integrates Music, Art & Poetry. It was founded by Shri Baratan in 2012. It tries to make music with a deep rooted message and real themes, tackling subjects like war, poverty, politics, human rights, and much more. This is music that tries to say something and it’s an incredible mix of styles, including rock, jazz, and fusion. Nonviolenze counts Pink Floyd, John McLaughlin, Jethro Tull, Yes, Al Jarreau, Joni Mitchell, and eastern classical music as influences.

About Nonviolenze:

Nonviolenze is a trademark of Ahimsa Creations, a music production corporation that integrates Music, Art & Poetry. It was founded by Shri Baratan in 2012.

Nonviolenze’s mission is to produce music and art that expresses the challenges confronting humanity today. Nonviolenze engages its listeners on deep-rooted themes such as war, poverty, politics, human rights, psychology, philosophy and spirituality.

With “Unity in Diversity” as its central theme, Nonviolenze’s repertoire facilitates a peaceful pathway to a harmonious society through “Nonviolence in thought, word and deed”.

Nonviolenze renders a powerful message about Equality – a fundamental human right. Inequality leads to physical and psychological imbalance and triggers an uprising to level the playing field. Nonviolenze’s ultimate vision is to promote the understanding that “All is One.”

“Mirror” is taken from Nonviolenze’s ambitious debut album “Ghosts of War,” which is to be released on October 16th. The album is a wonderfully enthralling journey through the creator’s mind. I turned off my lights and laid down when I put this album on. I made sure to fully take the ride and give myself the most immersive experience possible. Before I knew it, vibing out to the music gave way to deep thought about the state of the world.

It was especially easy to fall into that, what with everything that’s going on in the world. My favorite song closed the album out: “Last Thought.” It reminded me of a James Taylor song. You really feel the artist’s emotions on that track. The vocals are so soulful and he’s got such range. Do yourself a favor and check out this album.

I’ll direct you to it at the bottom.

For now, we’re here to cover the music video to “Mirror.”

The very first thing I noticed about this video is how expertly the visuals are crafted within. The framing, the colors, the camera movement, and so on. It’s all phenomenally well executed. I forgot I was watching a music video, to be honest, and focused on the visuals. The whole video is relatively simple when you first look at it, but there’s a skill behind making something look so simple. This is fantastic direction.

This is going to read humorous and it’s meant to be funny, but I’m also a fan of both. I felt like I was watching the love child of James Taylor and the El Mariachi character that Antonio Banderas played. I mean that in the absolute best way. Nonviolenze plucks away at his guitar and crushes the vocals. Everything about this music video is on point.

Oh, and as a video editor, I want to call out how the cuts are synched to the music. That’s easy in theory, but can be a pain to accomplish as well as you want. To someone not familiar with production, you’d almost think they just threw a guy with a guitar in front of a pretty backdrop. This is lit, shot, edited, and performed perfectly.

Hit play and check it out.

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