SINGLE REVIEW: “All Thoughts” by 1st Base Runner + ALBUM HYPE

I’m back with another piece of music coverage for I can’t stress enough how much I’ve enjoyed sinking myself into some music lately and writing about it. It’s an excellent change from my usual. I still write about movies and tv, or professional wrestling, but now I have music to go on top of the pile. For the second time today, we’re looking at a single track, and not a full album. I will be getting some album hype out of the way up front, though, because it’s the least I can do. I wish all the sales and streaming minutes upon this upcoming album.

The song we’re covering here is called “All Thoughts” by 1st Base Runner. It comes off of the upcoming album called SEVEN YEARS OF SILENCE, which releases on April 8th. Keep that in your calendar, because you’re going to love what you’re about to hear. It’s this fascinating track with an interesting dark energy, backed by a top notch melody and danceable beat.

Before I link you, here’s a short biography on the artist:

Vignettes of a misty dreamland with emergent, pulsing mantras and addictive breathy vocals. 1st Base Runner is the immersive new project from Texas electronic indie artist Tim Husmann. The Austin-based synth symphonist will be releasing his debut record Seven Years of Silence after the itch compelled him to return to the industry after a seven year hiatus. Each track is meticulously crafted blending trip hop, gothic pop, and avant-garde post-rock to create an airy, atmospheric world of its own. The surrealist soundscapes are filled with infectious vocal melodies and lyrics on the varied frictions of our existence.

The video is perfectly suited to the dark vibe this music creates. It’s in black and white, and it plays vaguely creepy throughout. The video was self shot by the artist and he did a great job. There’s a definite visual flair to it that had to be crafted by the man behind the camera. It’s deliberate and very fitting. The artist clearly has a full vision of his art. From the music to the visuals, it’s all clearly planted in his head.

There was one clear artist this reminded me of: Trent Reznor. For some reason, when I heard this song, I heard a movie score. It made me think of thriller films with serial killer antagonists. Slow this track down a little bit and mess with it some more, and this would be blatantly creepy and perfect for a movie of that genre. I mean that in the best way. I don’t know why I feel this way. It was an impulse when the music kicked on, but 1ST BASE RUNNER could probably make the leap to scoring films.

This music creates a vibe. That’s what the best film scores do. They enhance the visuals of the movie by adding to the vibe. Press play on the video below. Really take the whole thing in. You’ll see much of the same.

But more importantly, you’ll see and hear work from an artist who is very confident and in control of their vision. This is a sure footed and talented creator with a big future ahead.

Look at the thumbnail image alone. That mask is creepy as all hell. You know from that alone that you’re in for a trip when you press play. The song is pure gothic pop with a vibe. You can dance to it, if you want. Or you can pull up your hood, put your headphones in, and then sulk in the corner about how your girlfriend broke up with you.

It’s as poppy as it is gothic.

Don’t forget – SEVEN YEARS OF SILENCE releases on April 8th.

Find out more on 1ST BASE RUNNER below:

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