MUSIC VIDEO REVIEW: “Tonight You Belong to Me” by Sluka


And we’re back. Nerdo Network’s music coverage continues with a review for an incredibly well made music video. The song is called “Tonight You Belong to Me.” It is an American popular song, written in 1926 by lyricist Billy Rose and composer Lee David. The artist is intellectual alternative rock group Sluka. I can’t stress enough how amazing this video is. If you need to skip down to the bottom of this article and watch it, I won’t blame you. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

You back?

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Before I really get into my thoughts, let’s drop a little bio on Sluka:

“Sluka- led by Christopher Sluka – singer, songwriter, musician, and performer – has recorded eleven studio albums and has a fan base that spans across continents.

Born near Seattle, Christopher enjoyed a multinational upbringing as he was raised all around the world, with his family never spending more than a couple of years in any one location – a life experience that is evident in his cosmopolitan musical compositions.”

This artist is entirely new to me. When I started the video, the music was pleasant enough. Both vocalists are very talented and I love acoustic driven tracks. However, truth be told, the music quickly took a back seat to the visuals. The two vocalists perform the track from inside a hot air balloon and as someone with a production background… I am blown away.

I’m still not sure what’s green screen in the hot air balloon and what’s not. I know a lot of it is. That becomes especially obvious at the end, but the post production work on this video is top notch. I’m so jealous of it, honestly. There’s an insane amount of talent behind this video. It’ll leave you questioning what you think you know about the production process.

This has better post production work than some Hollywood films. If this is a sign of the creativity on the mind of this artist, I’m 100% on board. I’ll take the journey with Sluka and get to know the discography. There are 11 albums and a fanbase that spans continents, so I’m definitely late to the party. Let me link the video finally and then close out below it.

I can’t say enough good about this music video. The music is a great take on an American classic and the visuals are out of this world. If I were to rate this, it gets 11 out of 10. 6 stars. I know that might seem disingenuous but this is really right up my alley. I love acoustically based music and well done visuals, especially the trippy ones that come at the end. I’ll end my effusive praise on this very blunt statement…

The music video for “Tonight You Belong To Me” by Sluka is cool as shit and you should give it a watch.

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