NERDO DOES MUSIC: “Dance Without Fear” by Rebel ACA, French Monkey Wrench, Danny Sprang, & iSTAND

We are back for one more piece of musical coverage for the day. I hope some of you checked out the previous two pieces. More than that, honestly, I hope you guys are listening to all this music. I still have “Shotgun Sadie” stuck in my head and THE STRADDLERZ have made it onto my gym playlist in a big way. Everything I’ve been covering lately has been on point, if you ask me. It’s been a treat for me to review it all and hype it up to help get some people to find these artists.

For this piece, we focus on a single.

“Dance Without Fear” by Rebel ACA, French Monkey Wrench, Danny Sprang, and iSTAND. This track immediately brought to mind the Gorillaz and their style. Which, in turn, brought about a lot of nostalgia for me. All these collaborators coming together to make something so good is very refreshing. In my own artistic life, I lead with collaboration in mind. There’s something so amazing about the experience of being on the same page with someone creatively.

Let’s change things up on this piece. I’m going to attach the song now and close out this coverage on the bio.

I saw a press quote that said this felt as if THE KINKS decided to venture into hip hop. That’s pretty accurate. This is a very avant-guarde look into what the genre could be. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not overly artsy or anything like that. There’s great flow to this track and funky as hell music. It’s easy and catchy listening for sure. The beginning of it, especially, will probably be stuck in my head for days.

If this is what comes out of these folks collaborating, someone needs to get them all together on a consistent basis. There is excellent chemistry on display here. Every bit of this track feels smooth and flows. It all comes together perfectly to create your new favorite song. Well, at least I hope. If I’m being real, favorite song is obviously hyperbole, but this one’s definitely made the playlist. I have to take a lot of walks to strengthen my legs after a bad accident. I can’t lie – this one already got a full walk set to the song on loop. It’s easy and fun to listen to. It’s a short, breezy track you won’t mind pressing replay on. I hope you guys enjoy this.

Now, we close out with the biography.

This is a long one but I’m presenting it without edit.

Rebel ACA and French met nearly 15 years ago, as one managed, and the other produced a funk reggae band. And ever since – their completely opposite nature in almost every way – has kept them attracted, like a nut and ratchet.

Their real life childhood nicknames happen to be The Bear, and The Wolf. No-one knows or tends to question why, as it would make sense if you met them – but yeah. We don’t know which one is which either.

Rebel ACA (The ACA stands for – Anti-clockwise Attitudeā€¦ ) when in full (arm) swing – can break anything, and French meanwhile is an absolutely inspired fixer – sometimes with his monkey wrench.

French who sleeps under a harpsichord in his tiny flat with him and his daughter, and the Rebel who never wants to go to sleep – like a young petulant child.

And it would seem that they need each other – as apart from the fact you wouldn’t have this album – the Rebel would have no-one to fix his shit. And French would have not enough to do and would start fixing what wasn’t broke. And we all know how that’s not supposed to be a good idea – at all.

With French having collaborated with Shawn Lee, and Rebel with the likes of Spragga Benz, Harry Shotta, Doc Brown, Lil Rossco and Mr Len, all whilst heading up Buttercuts Records; this is a musical supergroup drawing on a wide net of influence to produce a sound that spans genres as well as oceans.

Calling on iStand, an original, pioneering and lauded MC & co-founder of Red Square Productions; with his wide range of influence, the most prominent being his long-term friend, Spragga Benz, and Danny Sprang; another gripping lyricist ready to take over lyrically & build the industry with positive music, This group are sure to beckon your attention to the space where their individual talents meet and meld and shine.

This group of collaborators will be ones to keep track of. The talent on display here is unbelievable and the more they all work together, the more in tune they will grow. There are awards and all sorts of praise in their future. Take note and don’t get caught behind.

You don’t want to be last to the party.

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