NERDO DOES MUSIC: “The Fire” by jefff (Conch Town Music)

Jeff, conch town music

Welcome back to another edition of NERDO DOES MUSIC, our continuing coverage of lesser known music here on I’d like to address a possible elephant in the room: me giving only positive reviews. That, quite simply, is because I’m only interested in writing about something I enjoy. When this website first started, we had leaned into negative coverage with catchy, funny titles. The truth is, it consistently pulled in a ton of views. The only thing was, I hated doing it. I hated being negative and tearing down some artist’s work (although, I have no regrets about dumping on “Terminator: Genysis” – what a piece of shit that is).

With all that said, let’s move onto why we’re here. Today, I am covering the reggae infused single “The Fire,” which is out now on all platforms courtesy of Conch Town Music. Imagine if Prince and Bob Marley had a baby with Van Morrison and you’ve got this track. It’s a bumping groove that flies by before you know it.

A quick bio on the artist, before we dig into this song:

Musician, savant, pied piper, guru, father, partner, world traveler, kite and wave surfer. Hailing from Lebanon, Pennsylvania, jefff started playing piano at 7, began writing songs at 13 and studied, Jazz, music theory, history and philosophy.

He fronted the super groovy Massachusetts world beat band “Entrain” for 3 years and has been based in Key West, Florida for the last 15 years. During this time jefff has jammed with musicians such as Jimmy Buffet, Zach Brown and G-Love and has recorded 4 solo albums.

This track comes with an expertly made music video, which you can see below. Getting to know all this music lately and experience the creativity has been a blast. This song has fantastic vocals and a wonderful instrumental bed. It’s such a chill tune, there’s honestly no other way to put it. I felt relaxed when it finished. It lulls you into a sense of ease and then doesn’t strip that away when it ends.

The music video is perfectly suited to accompany this song. The visuals are clearly crafted with that in mind. Everything is beautiful and the colors are perfectly captured. There’s something so simple about the artist playing on a beach, but the actual image of it fits so well alongside the music. You can tell someone spent a good amount of time color correcting and perfecting this video to match the vibe. The shots of the fire and fireworks at the end with the light trails are also worth pointing out. As a filmmaker who saw some success with silent film, I can’t help but look at the visual aspects of music videos and if they actually fit the song.

This video is an perfectly executed companion to the song.

See? Aren’t you feeling pretty chill right now? I know I am, and given we just came off 2020… I do not undervalue feeling calm and at ease. If you’d like to de-stress, you should give jefff more of a chance.

See below for links to do exactly that:

Official Website: (label) (artist)
Facebook: (musician page) conchtownmusic page
Instagram: keywestjefff; conchtownmusic
Youtube Channel: jefff clark; conch town music

Thank you for clicking into another edition of my musical coverage. I can only hope some of you have given these great artists a chance. I personally have found multiple additions to my playlist. Hope you guys can say the same. See you later with one more piece of music coverage today!