MUSIC REVIEW: “The Coniologist” by Oneo Fakind

Oneo Fakind

Welcome back to another edition of NERDO DOES MUSIC, right here on This is a continuing series of columns where I, Joseph Finnegan, sit down and put some words to the music I’ve been listening to. It’s been my favorite thing to write, as of late, which is why you’ve seen so many of these pieces in the last couple weeks. It’s been a relaxing and wonderful process to take in some tunes and then set down in front of my keyboard to put together some coverage.

Today, we cover a track named “The Coniologist” by Oneo Fakind. This is far and away the most experimental song I’ve covered here in these articles. The genre is electronica and there’s synths at work, alongside a drum track. It all combines to produce an easy listening groove. There’s a certain floaty feeling to this. It’s as if you’re just drifting along through time and space as you listen to the music. It’s an easy 4 minutes to get through.

It’s over before you realize it and you’re happy to listen again.

The feeling this track creates is definitely intentional. Coniology, the study of atmospheric dust, invokes the imagery of cosmic origin, the feeling of nostalgia, warmth and finding light in the darkness. As experimental as this song is, the artist did an amazing job getting his intent across in the music. This song could easily play during some trippy sci-fi film, where the main characters are venturing through space and come face to face with the truth of the cosmos (I’ll just jot that idea down for myself).

If you’re the type to enjoy electronica or IDM, this song is one hundred percent for you. It was never my favorite type of music, to say the least. So, when I found this, I wasn’t too hopeful. But I’ve been trying to keep an open mind and enjoy new things (whether it be food, moves, or music). I’m really glad I did, because this was excellent.

Before we continue on to the biography and some more hype…

Here is the official music video for “The Coniologist” by Oneo Fakind.

Enjoy that? Well, it’s only the first song off a full album, “The Start of Things,” which you can now stream on Spotify.

CLICK HERE to Stream.

The full track list goes as such:

1: The Coniologist

2: Surfaces

3: You’re Not Choking John, the World is Just This Vast

4: Nostalgia for the Present

5: Why Do I Keep Ending Up Here

6: Close to You / Closed to You

7: Surprises

8: Well Then

9: Camping on the Beach That Night

10: Moments that Don’t Deserve It

11: Lofi tide

12: The Tide is Rising

13: the Decay of the False Vacuum

14: Wonderful

15: Evening Streets

Do yourself a favor and check out this artist’s work.

“The Conologist” is an incredible tune that blends such delicate and different elements into a floaty, space bound adventure that somehow comes together into one hell of a danceable track. This is only the FIRST track on the whole album. Imagine what awaits you on the rest.

We’ll close out with some biography and links to learn more about this very talented artist.


Oneo Fakind is an eclectic electronic experiment. The duo formed in 2017 and their debut album Your Secrets are Safe With Us was born in a frenzy of emails and live jamming on subways. Fusing elements of ambient and psychedelic electronica with hip hop and trap, the project invited listeners to share their darkest secrets.

In 2018 the duo released their sophomore album Friendly Reality Ambush Squad, with more complex and layered work but the same signature blend of beautifully disparate elements meshing in surprising and often uplifting ways.

Released in the midst of a pandemic their third full length album, 2020’s The Death of Us, continued to surprise and excite even as it invited reflection and slowing down.

Oneo Fakind’s latest album The Start of Something bursts with new sounds and ideas as it attempts to shine a light on the cosmic beauty of the world after a dark and turbulent year.

Finally, here are some links that’ll help you keep track of Oneo Fakind.

Youtube Channel:

Hope you enjoyed “The Coniologist” as much as I did!