MUSIC REVIEW: “Lion Lady” by J.L.G (E Major Music)


Welcome back to another edition of NERDO DOES MUSIC, where I, Joseph Finnegan, take some time to write about the different musical acts I’ve come across. It’s been a little bit since I’ve gotten to this column. I had a busy weekend working with Pro Wrestling Magic (stay tuned for the next show I directed – The Roaring Twenties II: Behind the 8 Ball – airs on 2/28). Today, however, we keep it focused on music. I’ve discovered a brand new song that I really love. It’s called “Lion Lady” and it’s groovy as hell. It comes from the mind of South Florida-based Indie/Synth Pop artist J.L.G.

J.L.G is proud to be from Miami and tried his best to represent his city on this track in a way that’s uniquely him. When speaking about his hometown, J.L.G was quoted saying “As for Miami, I want to bring a refreshing, authentic sound to my city, and make them proud. Show them that an artist and quirky weird kid as myself can contribute to the culture in my own specific way. I definitely want to contribute to my cities artistic culture.. there is a certain perception of south Florida/Miami that I believe is somewhat misunderstood. I just want to be a breathe of fresh air, and someone for the city to be proud of. Especially as a Latino artist. I want to paint a “different” picture of South Florida, through my lens.”

As someone who lived in Florida for 10 months and got hit by a car there, I do not have as rosy a view of the place. Having said that, I respect the eloquence and reverence of a place he calls home. Not enough people pay that kind of respect to their home.

Before we get any further, let’s hear it. It’s now available in wide release.

Click HERE to stream “Lion Lady” by J.L.G (via E Major Music)

The song is one hell of a groove. It sounds like something you could listen to while walking around Miami. It’s got just enough funk to it to really get you moving. I’m not particularly huge on synth music but when it’s done right, I love it. I love the feeling of being physically moved by music and that comes in droves with this track.

Do yourself a favor and check it out. I don’t know about any of you guys, but J.L.G has caught my interest and not only because the initials J.L.G remind me of Joseph Gordon Levitt (who’s one of my favorite actors). This is music from an artist with something to say. That’s where you’ll always grab me. All you need to have is a goal and a message with your work. This is a great example of that and I personally will stay on the lookout for more from J.L.G. Especially the short film coming to accompany this song.

Before we close out, here is some more info on the artist:

J.L.G was established in 2019 In Miami, Florida by singer/songwriter Jordan Luigi Guadalupe. Blending elements of synth pop, indie rock, and dance with storytelling and self aware songwriting, J.L.G has a distinct, unique sound, ranging from 80’s inspired Dance music, synth ballads, and alternative rock. J.L.G came out onto the scene in 2019 with the release of his debut EP “Vendetta.” In the following year (2020) J.L.G released two synth based alternative singles, “Woolies” and “Cross Country (Blackthorn).” In 2021, J.L.G intends to stay very active in releasing music and content, releasing his first song of the new year “Lion Lady” February 9th, with a short film for the song to release in the following weeks.

Follow J.L.G here:

Official Website:

I hope you enjoyed this new artist (if J.L.G is new to you).

I shall return with more music coverage today.