NERDO DOES WRESTLING: Pro Wrestling Magic’s “The Roaring Twenties II”

the roaring twenties ii

I’m going to give it to you straight from jump street. I had a huge part in putting this show on. I helped write it and I directed it. It’s a sequel to last year’s THE ROARING TWENTIES, a free show you can see below. That was a show created out of a desire to experiment with the art form of professional wrestling. I wanted to see a black and white show, and I was allowed to make one in the Pro Wrestling Magic kingdom.

Now, we have another one on the way. This time, I was able to work with the incredibly talented people over at Go Pro Wrestling. No offense to Mikey and Lawrence, who helped me shoot the first one. It’s not even a competition, guys. The first one was very “do what we could.” It was shot on iPhones and very specifically built in post production to play as if you found a dusty projector and an old, damaged film reel that could burn up at any moment. We did our best to be resourceful and I think we got a very unique, and phenomenally interesting final product.

That’s all going to be a distant memory when I see the first cut of THE ROARING TWENTIES II: BEHIND THE 8 BALL. Go Pro Wrestling is exceptional at what they do and getting to work with them as closely as I have has been great. I cannot wait to see what they do with this concept. I’m positive it’ll be amazing.

STAY TUNED to Pro Wrestling Magic’s social media pages for more details on that front. Clips and stills will be shared aplenty.


2/28 at 5PM (EST) on FITE TV.

Jimmy Riot & Anthony Iovino are on commentary and Shane Fair hosts the show. You can check the full lineup below:

Pro Wrestling Magic Championship: 
The Meadowlands Monster (c) vs PWM Jr. Heavyweight Champion Sebastian Cage (w/ White Henny)

FROM THE VAULT – Pro Wrestling Magic Dark Arts Championship: 
Payne (c) vs Sonny Kiss vs Solo Darling vs John Tella vs Tony Rush

Pro Wrestling Magic Dark Arts Championship:
Darius Carter (c) vs Billy Dixon

Test of Survival:
Chris Ryan vs Wrecking Ball Legursky (If Chris Ryan lasts longer than 5 minutes, he can choose a partner to join next month’s Pro Wrestling Magic Tag Team Championship match.)

Dream Master vs J-Heru
Ace Romero vs TJ Crawford
American Murder Society vs Brick City Boyz

Pro Wrestling Magic Women’s Championship (vacant): 
Erica Leigh vs Jordan Blade


February 28th at 5pm (EST) on FITE TV.